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London's Poverty Profile 2015 launched

We're very pleased to announce the latest report in the London's Poverty Profile series launched on 21 October 2015

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The fifth report in the series, London's Poverty Profile 2015 looks at how London has recovered from the recession in terms of unemployment, out-of-work benefit claims and the quality of work available; how poverty and inequality have changed at a time when average incomes have been flat; how London's housing boom is affecting affordability, tenure patterns and housing benefit claims; and how local authorities have been managing their homelessness duty with reduced funds and restrictions due to welfare reform.

The report uses the most recent government data to consider London's progress on key indicators since the last report in 2013 and over the last decade.

London's Poverty Profile is commissioned by the independent charitable foundation Trust for London and produced by independent thinktank, New Policy Institute.

Posted on 20 October 2015