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In-work poverty on the rise in London

New research commissioned by Trust for London from New Policy Institute highlights how the recession has accelerated the growth of in-work poverty in the capital.

Across London there has been a dramatic increase in in-work poverty. Over 300,000 more Londoners are living in poverty in working households than was the case a decade ago. This figure has increased by nearly 50% from 630,000 to 940,000 Londoners. The result is that over half of the capital's low-income population is now living in a household where at least one adult is working.

The increase in poverty in working households means London still has the highest rates of child, working-age and pensioner poverty of any English region. However, it also reflects national trends in growing in-work poverty, according to a recent report from the Institute of Public Policy Research.

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Posted on 12 October 2010