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Child poverty rates highlighted as forthcoming report features in the Evening Standard

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The Evening Standard used figures from the upcoming new London Poverty Profile report in its piece on child poverty in the social housing and private rented sector this week.

Part of David Cohen's series looking at life on Brixton's Angell Town estate, the piece notes that "youngsters growing up in social housing or privately rented properties are over three times more likely to be living in poverty than children whose parents own their home."

Report co-author Hannah Aldridge of New Policy Institute is quoted saying: "Whilst the poverty rate for children in social housing in London is the highest, the number of children in poverty living in private rented homes is almost as bad. It shows that the poverty base is spreading. Social renting no longer stands out as the unique poverty tenure in London."

London's Poverty Profile 2015 will be launched on 22 October 2015. Details to follow soon.

Posted on 2 October 2015