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Disability benefits

Key points

  • In London, a lower proportion of under 45s claim a disability-related benefit than in the rest of England.
  • For older age groups, the proportion in London who receive a disability benefit is higher in London than elsewhere.
  • Because there are more young people overall in London, in total a slightly lower proportion of people in the capital claim a disability-related benefit than the rest of England.

Disability benefits by age group in London compared to the rest of England

Proportion receiving benefits related to disability.png

What does this graph show?

This graph shows the proportion of adults receiving disability-related benefits by their age groups in 2011.

Overall around 7% or 365,000 adults between the ages of 18 and 59 were claiming a disability related benefit in London.

London had a lower proportion of adults under the age of 45 claiming disability benefits, compared to the rest of the country. The difference was marked especially among those aged 25-34, where 3% of those in London claim such a benefit compared to 5% elsewhere.

By contrast, for older age groups, the proportion in London who received a disability benefit was higher than in the rest of the country, by at least two percentage points across the age groups from 45 to 59.

Yet overall London had a slightly lower proportion claiming disability benefits than elsewhere (7% compared to 8%). This is because London's age structure is much younger.

Additional information

The disability benefits included here include Disability Living Allowance (DLA), which can be paid to working people, as well as out-of-work benefits (Employment Support Allowance, Incapacity Benefit, and Income Support, when paid to disabled people).

This graph does not show the proportion of people aged between the age of 60 and 64 receiving benefits. These disability benefits are paid to those below the pension age, but the age group of 60-64 would also include some individuals (especially women) above the state pension age, who would not be entitled to these benefits.

NOTE: The data on this page may not be the most recent available because this indicator was not updated in our most recent report, published in October 2015. Nevertheless, we have chosen to keep the page live because it tells an important story about poverty in London, and the general pattern described here is unlikely to have changed significantly.

Indicator last updated: 2 December 2015