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Low pay by industry

Key points

  • 27% of low-paid jobs are in the retail, wholesale and transport sector, and 21% of low-paid jobs were in hotels and restaurants.
  • 64% of jobs in the hotel and restaurant sector were low paid, and 29% of jobs in retail and wholesale were low paid.
  • Only 10% of jobs in private sector services were low paid, but as this is a large sector of employment, these make up around 1 in 5 of all low-paid jobs.

Low paid jobs by industry

Low pay by industry graph 2.png

What does this graph show?

This graph shows the proportion of jobs within each industrial sector that are low paid, and these as a proportion of all low-paid jobs. 64% of jobs in the hotel and restaurant sector are low paid, but as this is a relatively small employment sector, this accounts for just over a fifth of all low-paid jobs overall. The other sectors with above average rates of low pay were retail and wholesale, with 29% of jobs in this sector low paid; and the arts and entertainment sector, with 25% of jobs in this sector paying below the London Living Wage.

However, the proportion of jobs in the arts and entertainment sector that are low paid have fallen from 30% since 2014. The public sector and community services and private sector services have a relatively low proportion of jobs paid below the London Living Wage, 11% and 10% respectively, but as there are relatively large in terms of total employment, they each make up just under and just over a fifth of all low-paid jobs.

Additional information

Private sector services include: information & communication, financial & insurance activities, real estate activities, professional, scientific & technical activities and administrative & support service activities.

Data used

Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings, ONS, 2016

Indicator last updated: 4 November 2016