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London's sub-regions

Key points

  • There are substantial differences within London, including within Inner and Outer London.
  • Using five sub-regions within London helps to get a better picture of the poverty issues in the capital.

Map of sub-regions


On this website we look at London in different ways. Sometimes we consider London as a whole. This allows us to compare London to the rest of England, but masks the huge variations within the capital. Sometimes we split London in Inner and Outer, which does allow for more subtlety, but still implicitly suggests that Newham and Wandsworth, or Barking & Dagenham and Richmond are somehow the same.

In trying to look for patterns across London, we find breaking it into five sub-regions to be both useful for presentation and of real analytical benefit. The sub-regions, shown in the map below, acknowledge the differences within Inner and Outer London. It also allows us to look along an East/West axis, which is frequently more meaningful than an Inner/Outer one.

NOTE: The data on this page may not be the most recent available because this indicator was not updated in our most recent report, published in October 2015. Nevertheless, we have chosen to keep the page live because it tells an important story about poverty in London, and the general pattern described here is unlikely to have changed significantly.

Indicator last updated: 2 December 2015