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London's population by ethnicity

Key points

  • A majority of the London population is white, though not White British
  • Indian and Black African are the next largest groups at 7% of the population each
  • 12% of the population do not fit into any of these groups

Ethnicity in London and the rest of England


What does this graph show?

Whilst 45% of London's population is White British, the graph shows that it is by far the most common ethno-national group. A further 15% are from other white groups. The next largest ethnic groups in London are Indian and Black African each making up around 7% of the population.

The ethnic mix is only one way of looking at diversity in London. See also the different countries of birth of London's population.

Data used

ONS, Census 2011

NOTE: The data on this page may not be the most recent available because this indicator was not updated in our most recent report, published in October 2015. Nevertheless, we have chosen to keep the page live because it tells an important story about poverty in London, and the general pattern described here is unlikely to have changed significantly.

Indicator last updated: 2 December 2015