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London's population by country of birth

Key points

  • There have been large increases in the number of people born in India and Poland living in London over ten years
  • Each of the 20 largest non-UK born populations has grown over the last ten years, with the exception of Ireland and Kenya
  • There are 18 countries of birth other than the UK that have more than 50,000 residents in London

London’s population by country of birth (excluding UK)


What does this graph show?

Just under 3 million people in London were born outside the UK, among which the largest group by far, at 260,000, are those born in India. Overall 62% of Indians in London were not born in the UK, but the highest level was among people belonging to the ethnic group 'other White' at 85%. The graph above shows the 20 most common countries of birth of people in London outside the UK in 2011 and compares it to 2001.

The number of people in London born in Romania has increased over 10-fold since 2001 (but remains under 50,000) and the number born in Poland has increased 6-fold. The population of people born in Ghana and Philippines was previously small enough to not be recorded, but is now in the top 20 countries. Whilst the number of people from most of the counties shown has increased, the number born in Ireland and Kenya has decreased.

Data used

ONS, Census 2001 and 2011

Indicator last updated: 11 October 2013