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Overcrowded households across London

Key points

  • Overcrowding is concentrated in wards in the north east and parts of the Outer West of London
  • The outermost wards of London, with the exception of parts of the west, tend to have low levels of over crowding

Overcrowded households across London


What does this map show?

The map shows the level of overcrowding across London at the time of the Census. In the Inner East & South levels of overcrowding were particularly high but overcrowding was also high in Brent. Unsurprisingly, the levels of overcrowding are low in most of the outer areas of London.

The extent of overcrowding in London is highly varied, with Newham standing out in particular. Overall Newham has an overcrowding rate of 25% (including 4 wards where over 30% of households are overcrowded) compared to 18% in Brent the next highest borough. All of this suggests a chronic shortage of affordable larger homes in some of London's poorest areas.

Data used

Census 2011

NOTE: The data on this page may not be the most recent available because this indicator was not updated in our most recent report, published in October 2015. Nevertheless, we have chosen to keep the page live because it tells an important story about poverty in London, and the general pattern described here is unlikely to have changed significantly.

Indicator last updated: 9 June 2016