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Affordable housing completions

Key points

  • Only seven boroughs met their target for affordable home building
  • Eleven built less than half of their target

What does this graph show?

The London Plan of 2011 allocated each borough with a 10 year target for the number of homes they should build. Overall, the target is for 320,000 new homes to be built in London over the ten year period 40% of which should be affordable homes. The graph shows how many affordable homes have been built in the three years to 2012/13 in each borough and if they are on track to meet the 10 year target.

Lewisham, Lambeth and Southwark have seen the largest number of new affordable homes built in the last three years with over 1,300 affordable homes being built in each. In Lewisham and Lambeth, this represents around 100% of the target for building affordable homes - Southwark it is closer to two thirds of the target.

In some boroughs, such as Havering, Redbridge, Kingston and Kensington and Chelsea, there has been very little building. This is both in absolute terms - fewer than 350 new affordable homes were built in each of those boroughs between 2010 and 2013 - and relative terms. Kensington and Redbridge in particular have built less than 25% of their target for that two year period.

Overall in London there were fewer affordable homes built than the target required - around 23,000 over the three years compared to a target of 43,000. Of those affordable homes built in 2012/13, around two fifths had two bedrooms. A third were larger, with three or more bedrooms. In terms of the type of affordable housing they were: 59% were social rent, 1% were affordable rent (where rents are set at up to 80% of the market value) and 40% were intermediate housing (such as shared ownership).

Additional information

The number of affordable homes built is a net not gross measure i.e. the number of affordable completions less the number of homes lost.

Data used

London Plan Annual Monitoring Report 10, 2012-13

Indicator last updated: 12 November 2014