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Households placed in temporary accommodation outside their borough

Key points

  • The largest numbers of households in temporary accommodation are from the Inner East and South, and many of these are placed in temporary accommodation in the same subregion, though large numbers are also moved to outer London
  • Very few households are allocated temporary accommodation in Inner West London, and the vast majority of those from this subregion are placed in temporary accommodation elsewhere
  • Around 700 households were placed in temporary accommodation outside of London altogether, though nearly all of these were from Outer London boroughs

Temporary accommodation placements outside borough


What does this graph show?

The graph looks at where households in temporary accommodation are placed. We use data from Shelter, who made a series of Freedom of Information requests to look at out of borough placements. In 2012, they found that over 11,000 households in London were placed in temporary accommodation outside the borough they originally lived in. The graph shows where they were placed, including those who were placed outside London.

The clearest point this graph makes is how few households are placed in the Inner West of London, where housing is most expensive. In total, 188 households moved from their boroughs to boroughs in the Inner West (this includes those moving from one borough to another but staying in the Inner West; for instance from Hammersmith to Wandsworth). More households moved from the Inner West to the Inner East (around 500), Outer East (around 400) or Outer West (around 600) than moved into the Inner West in total.

Compared to that, there are a high number of households moving to the Inner East. This includes around 2,000 moving from one Inner East borough to another, and 500 from the Inner West. A further 1,800 move from Outer London to the Inner East. Although lower than the 2,400 from the Inner East placed in Outer London, this is not a simple story of outward migration - there is a lot of churn.

Around 700 households were placed outside of London altogether - less than one in ten of all households placed outside their original boroughs. Almost all were from Outer London. So there is a pattern of movement; from Inner West to other boroughs, from Inner East to outer boroughs and some movement from outer boroughs out of London, but the flow is not entirely in one direction.

Data used

Freedom of Information requests obtained by Shelter

Indicator last updated: 20 October 2015