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Life expectancy over time

Key points

  • Life expectancy has increased in London more than the rest of England and Wales over the past two decades.
  • Life expectancy in London is now almost a year more than the rest of England and Wales for both men and women.
  • The life expectancy gap between men and women in London has fallen.

Life expectancy over time

Life Expectancy over time.png

What does this graph show?

Life expectancy has increased throughout England and Wales in the last 20 years, but the increase is more marked in London than England and Wales on average.

So twenty years ago, male life expectancy in London was lower than the England and Wales average, if only slightly, 73.3 compared to 73.6. But by 2011/13, life expectancy for men in London was almost a year greater than the England and Wales average - 80 compared to 79.3.

For women, life expectancy in London 20 years ago was almost exactly the same as the E&W average - 79.3 compared to 79.1. But by the most recent three year period, a gap had opened up - 84.1 compared to 83.0.

This means that within London, the gap between men and women has fallen substantially, from 6 years in 1991/93 to 4.1 years in 2011/13. But there are substantial variations between and within London's boroughs.

Data used

Life Expectancy and Healthy Life Expectancy, ONS

Indicator last updated: 29 February 2016