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Life expectancy by borough

Key points

  • In all boroughs, the gap in life expectancy between men and women is at least 3.1 years.
  • For women, life expectancy is lowest in Barking and Dagenham for men it is lowest in Tower Hamlets. It is highest for both men and women in Kensington and Chelsea.

Life expectancy by borough

Life Expectancy by borough.png

What does this map show?

Life expectancy for women in Kensington and Chelsea is almost four years higher than women in Barking and Dagenham (86.2 compared to 82.4). For men, the largest gap is between Kensington and Chelsea and Tower Hamlets at just over 5 years (82.6 and 77.5).

The smallest gap between men and women within a borough is in Barnet at 3.1 years whilst the largest gap is in Southwark at 5.2 years.

Across London the only comparison where men have a higher life expectancy than women are men in Kensington and Chelsea (82.6) compared to women in Barking and Dagenham (82.4). Along with gap in life expectancy between boroughs there are also important gaps within boroughs by deprivation.

Data used

Life Expectancy and Healthy Life Expectancy, ONS

Indicator last updated: 29 February 2016