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Borough profile

In 1965, Bromley was formed from the boroughs of Bromley and Beckenham and the urban districts of Orpington, Penge and the Chislehurst part of Chislehurst and Sidcup. Bromley is situated in south-east, outer London and is notable for being the largest borough in London, covering 58 square miles from the highly urbanised areas of Anerley, Penge and Crystal Palace in the north-west to the more rural areas of Cudham, Downe and Biggin Hill in the south-east. 60% of the Borough is protected Greenbelt or Metropolitan Open Land, giving the borough a uniquely “green” feel which the council is keen to protect.

The borough shares borders with Lewisham, Greenwich and Bexley to the north, Southwark and Lambeth to the north west, Croydon to the west; and the counties of Surrey to the south and Kent to the south east. Major areas of settlement within Bromley include Beckenham, Penge, Orpington, Biggin Hill and Chislehurst as well as Bromley itself.

The growth of the railway system turned the northern half of the borough into a dormitory for London, although most of the southern half remains open countryside. With a slight dip in population in the 1980s, the population has now steadily increased to around 309,000, which makes it one of the most populous London boroughs.

With low percentages of 20-35 year olds compared to the London average, and higher proportions of 50-80 year olds, Bromley has an old, and ageing, population profile.

With only around 16% of its population “non-White,” Bromley also has a far less ethnically diverse population than most other London boroughs, although a distinctive group within the borough is a settled traveller community in St Mary Cray in the east of the borough. With an estimated 2,000 members, this is the largest such community in Britain and one of the largest in Europe.

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